Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Picking Up Where I Left Off...

The last blog entry I made was on my myspace blog, and I am sure like many of us our myspaces are defunct or like me where I check it once every two weeks if that. Infact I only logged on to see when my last blog was. I spent litterally about fifteen minutes starting at my screen deciding what my title should be. Simple enough right? It should be about who you are and or what your blog is going to be about. My blog is about my life and those whom I encounter and the adventures that go on day to day. I would venture to say that my life is pretty normal however the people I surround myself are not exactly normal and especilly the type of work I do is far from normal but I would not have it any other way. Sometimes though when you keep your head down and work for a long period of time you forget about who you are. I think we should all be able to say " I am....." When I tried to do a one sentence summary of who I was it took a while and then I wondered why that was.

I dont think the answer is going to come over night.

I am looking forward to working out. Maybe some endorphines will excite some creativity and some more organization with my thoughts.

I needed to at least post something tonight to say I did it. Maybe a little bit every so often in the blog world is just what I need. After all we are our own works in progress.

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