Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is that all there is?

I survived an earthquake and hurricane....

Luckily both were not too bad for NYC!

Going back a bit it has been a pretty eventful few weeks in the city.

I landed my first official NYC Film gig working as a volunteer for the New York International Latino Film Festival.

I worked mainly with the corporate sponsors and such. Got to work the red carpet as well as make some great NYC contacts. Attended some fun parties and have some leads on some work as well as internships.

In the days that followed natural disasters threatened this town.

The Earthquake happened while I was watching Top Model and when I awoke from my nap I was bombarded by texts and calls from back home.

As for the Tornado. I stocked up on groceries mostly munchies. Couldn't resist the smore fixings in case the power went out.

The power did not go out. In face the rain was not that bad in the city. I walked through worst storms before.

I am glad both natural disasters spared the city. What is next? A Volcano?

I was surprised by how many people commented on my red carpet photo. I have not weighed myself officially or been dieting but have been making healthy choices and doing Pilates time to time.

I love this fall weather. Cant wait to start jogging!!!

Tomorrow will be my last night in the heights for a while. I will be moving to my new apt in Astoria tomorrow. I hear the neighborhood is nice. Cant wait to check it out. It is month to month so if the heights comes a calling or other neighborhoods I am free to move on.

Cant wait to go shopping for my winter coats!

With 3 hours left until my alarm goes off time to wrap this up.

Goodbye August!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Change of a Dress

More like change of Address.

I decided to title my blogs with the title of Sex and the City episodes and this one suites my mood and the events in my life at the moment.

It seems just like yesterday I moved into my first NYC sublet in Washington Heights off of 160 and Broadway. The lease ends on September 1st and I went to go pick up the keys to my new place in Astoria.

I am already going to miss Washington Heights. The San Antonio artist transplants who live in SA and the friends I have made in the city live in the heights with me. I literally have friends on 146, 159, 161,163, 170, 175, etc. Luckily this lease is only month to month so if a nice place in the heights catches my eye I can be back here before you can say borough.

Astoria has alot of great qualities. It has more of a neighborhood feel and has alot more shops and cafes etc. While waiting for my future roommate near the subway today I noticed alot of students coming back from summer break. I am sure I will be seeing more of that in the weeks to come. Did I mention my new place has a cleaning lady? I shared a good laugh when I told my mom I came to nyc to be a starving artist and I get a maid!

I just came off of a very nice three day weekend. Tomorrow is my regular shift, but Wednesday on I will be working Tuesday-Saturday mornings as early as 4am. Its alright I still have my day and night Saturday, Sunday, and Mondays off. I will also be done with my work day before noon. So all in all it is a fair trade off.

This weekend it was nice to keep up my Pilates workouts. Today I did core suspension pilates. It was a great workout and cant wait to do that again. I love this. It brings back alot of dance muscles and is helping regain balance and helps you be aware of your muscles throughout the day etc. I promised not to weight myself for a while. Hopefully two months or so. My jeans are loose and I am looking forward to buying some new clothes later this month. I am also not dieting just making healthy choices. Heck gotta have some treats and eats sometime right? I love what Cindy Crawford says " I eat what I want, just not as much as I would like to." My saying is that you set yourself up to fail when you diet cause you can spell "Diet without DIE".

It was nice to feel plugged into my Texas actors by helping cast for a movie and for a commercial spot. I love the casting side. Although I would never want to take away work from casting directors whose lively hood depend on it. I love being a good back up for those who do not have the time to cast or are learning the craft of it.

My networking has officially begun in NYC. I went to the Act outside the Box First Thursday industry mixer and I was invited as an industry guest which meant unlike the actors who wore a blue name tag I got a red industry name tag. I did not send a bio, but the organizers sent out a bio based on my internet movie database credits and what was on Google. I was surprised when people asked how it was like to produce a zombie feature film? Or what it was like to represent actors in Texas? I must have met 125 good folks and brought four friends and colleagues with me. One even won a door prize. So it does pay to network! I cant wait to continue to go. This makes me remember I need to plan the Actors Network SA Summer mixer. They will not die just because I am in NYC!!!

So with all this life happening around me I did not give myself time to mourn the passing of Thomas Ensley. I met him through my good friend Sarah Bading. He was a unqiue individual. A culinary master, bongo king, free thinker from the bayou. We often sat together at the celebration circle as we would hear Sarah sing and bring us closer to our spiritual beliefs. Although we were not terribly close I feel for those who were close to him and loved him deeply, including Sarah. I finally had a good cry for Tommy. He was a beautiful human and touched many peoples lives!

Last but not least I got the invite many people dread... The 10 year reunion invitation. Not exactly but in the social networking age do we really need reunions? I know who has kids, and got married, and divorced, and married again, cant keep a girlfriend, who still goes to cowboys like they did when they were 18, who is balding, who moved away, who came back and is still living at home, etc. That being said with Facebook, the element of surprise will be a far cry from generations past. I am not against this per say, however I am against people show boating and trying to take all the glory for putting on together, and or spending time a select few whom to this day I never understood why they despised me, but I am at a point in my life where I would rather not spend time with those individuals. Now those 90% that I would like to see I would simply just ask to see them casually. I say all of this as if I do not want to go, but in reality I probably will go. I will just have a great after party and invite only those I really care to hang out with there. : P and I wont have to invent post its!