Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is that all there is?

I survived an earthquake and hurricane....

Luckily both were not too bad for NYC!

Going back a bit it has been a pretty eventful few weeks in the city.

I landed my first official NYC Film gig working as a volunteer for the New York International Latino Film Festival.

I worked mainly with the corporate sponsors and such. Got to work the red carpet as well as make some great NYC contacts. Attended some fun parties and have some leads on some work as well as internships.

In the days that followed natural disasters threatened this town.

The Earthquake happened while I was watching Top Model and when I awoke from my nap I was bombarded by texts and calls from back home.

As for the Tornado. I stocked up on groceries mostly munchies. Couldn't resist the smore fixings in case the power went out.

The power did not go out. In face the rain was not that bad in the city. I walked through worst storms before.

I am glad both natural disasters spared the city. What is next? A Volcano?

I was surprised by how many people commented on my red carpet photo. I have not weighed myself officially or been dieting but have been making healthy choices and doing Pilates time to time.

I love this fall weather. Cant wait to start jogging!!!

Tomorrow will be my last night in the heights for a while. I will be moving to my new apt in Astoria tomorrow. I hear the neighborhood is nice. Cant wait to check it out. It is month to month so if the heights comes a calling or other neighborhoods I am free to move on.

Cant wait to go shopping for my winter coats!

With 3 hours left until my alarm goes off time to wrap this up.

Goodbye August!

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