Friday, November 27, 2009

A Note of Thanks!

This is a day where we look back and remember what we are thankful for and I have alot which comes to mind. First and foremost to have all of my immediate family still here by my side healthy and celebrating another thanksgiving with food, quality time, and good times.

As for my friends, we may not all be in the same city but you are in my heart every day and with the holiday nearing I know we will get to make up for lost time. For the ones who are newly acquainted and or local I am thankful to have found you in my life.

Professionally I could write a book on how much there is to be thankful for however this year along there is much to remember and thank including all of the continued support in all of our film projects and our work, for a great film partner, for a great audience who continues to support our local screenings and cheer us on as we go international and into other markets with our work, to those that have guided us from day one and never left our side, and to our fellow brothers and sisters in the industry who continue to pave the way with there passion and hard work, and to our amazing city of San Antonio, our back drop and best supporter of all.

To all of my FB friends who provide an excellent source of dialogue and even support as life happens all around us. Hope you all enjoy your day weather you are kicking back or working hard at what you do I am truly thankful for you in my life!

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