Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot Child in the City

I am!

It has been quite a while since I did a update on my blog and I intend, just like my twitter account, to make updates more frequently. This can also let my friends and family know the in depth details of my adventures in the big apple.

First is first. I have been here for a little over two and a half months now and time seems to go by way faster here than it ever did in San Antonio.

I arrived on May 11th, which is my fathers birthday. It turned out to be a cheaper flight and I made sure to leave a gift behind for him. The nights before were filled with going away parties, goodbyes to near and dear friends, and a cross country trip to LA.

Going back a bit. I have been to LA several times before, but when my friend and colleague, Evan, mentioned he wanted to pick up some things I suggested driving him so I could get out of SA for a few days and mentally prepare myself for my move. In retrospect I should have used that week to tie up more loose ends, however a trip is never wasted. The best part of the trip for me was not the destination but the journey. The open desert road and music and chatting. All went well except for in Arizona where my brown skin will get you pulled over in a heart beat. The whole time in LA i stayed with my friend James. I did absolutely nothing. I was a hermit in his apartment and spent most of my days lounging around by the pool and seeing a friend or two and not the many I know out there.

Coming back home I had one day to go to a Film Festival for NESA and present them with the $500.00 check I had raised and go home and hang out with some friend really quick before heading to the airport. My brother pulled up to my apt to take my to Austin, which is where I was flying out of when it dawned on me that I had not thrown my clothes into a suit case. This would later come to bite me in the booty when I realized in my haste to rid one of my suitcases to save on the extra fees that I forgot my towels and pants.

At JFK Joseph greeted me and took me to a Peruvian restaurant and I made my little space in him and Melissa's nice apt. I later helped them move out three days later. I was left to myself those two weeks as I finalized what sublet I would take. I learned how quick and fierce real estate agents are in NYC. There must have been three or so visits a day and I looked like a hobo squatting with an air mattress in the middle of the living room.

Those two weeks went by fast. During that time I finalized my transfer to my job at Starbucks and started working the next week at 36 and madison.

This job is alot more fast paced than my other Starbucks but it is a steady paycheck and i like all my co workers, and i get 40 hours a week. That is a big plus.

I ended up choosing a sublet in Washington Heights off of 160 and Broadway. It is a four bedroom and my room is HUGE of nyc standards. I live with three opera singers and all are nice guys. Although only one is ever home. I like the area. Other SA Artists live here and are very close to me.

In the following weeks my adventures included having my first house guest from SA. In addition to seeing my first broadway show, technically it was in reviews, but it was Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. I agree with a critic that says it looks like an expensive amusement park show. Be it a good show!!! I was entertained and am not a theater snob at this point.

Speaking of theater, in my first month I was asked to perform in a Cabaret show!

I performed one song for a fundraiser for a local theater company. Granted singing has never been my strong suit the accompanist was super nice and the staff were great people to know. It was most fun to perform right by all the big running broadway shows.It was also fun to perform in a show where I did not have to audition after not getting much recently in the SA theater scene. I know I am a tough cookie to cast and performing isnt my #1 right now but its nice to say I performed in a NYC Stage.

Producing is what I am here for and I took a step towards that by enrolling and completing the Hollywood Film Institutes Producers Academy. This is taught by Dov Simens who will spend the first half of the class bashing four year film schools but in the end no matter that your take or background is in filmmaking will give you some honest and real answers for producing independent films. He answered alot of questions I get on a daily basis such as :" Where do you get the money to make a film?" "How do i sell a script?" and so on.

I also recently started putting my resume out there for production work. There is still alot more I need to do. One step at a time and I think if I do what I did in SA. Volunteer, network, be available something will come up. Persistence I think is half the battle.

I have also begun to write my first feature film script and am talking to other directors to see what I can do to be apart of there productions.

The nightlife in another story here. I try not to go out as much. Would much rather stay home with netflix but even that is getting old. Yes it is cheaper but going out you can meet people too. As for my social life I am keeping that really on the back burner. There are alot more choices here as far as men are concerned and I like the REAL men here versus the superficial side you get in LA and or the lack of choices in SA.

I have only been out a handful of times to a few bars and lounges. I did clear the dance floor at one of them. For some reason I have no problem getting attention if I am feeling "on" which is usually when I am dancing and or working. I guess it would be great if I could channel that energy when I am working a room. : )

I did not come here for romance but I will explore dates and getting to know people etc.

I have started to expand my friend circle but its a slow and steady process.

I plan to finish my script and in a week will be working the early morning shifts at Starbucks which will let me be done with my day by 10:30am which would allow plenty of time for interviews and or internships.

I am going to drop off some letters/resumes in person at some casting offices and talent agencies. After all that is how I got my start to begin with but my goal is to work at a production office on a film and or tv show.

I am playing around with the idea of submitting to agencies for acting work. Even if its extra work I could use that to my advantage.

I am continuing to work on my body as well. The walking has helped slim me down but havnt changed my eating habits too much. I started doing Pilates and want to do NIA and Bikram Yoga here and start jogging as well.

I move to Astoria in September and its month to month. It, like this one, is furnished and all bills paid.

That is that for now!!!

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